500mL UVPoxy Kit… $43.96
1L UVPoxy Kit… $63.96
2L UVPoxy Kit… $99.96
4L UVPoxy Kit… $151.96
8L UVPoxy Kit… $235.96
20L UVPoxy Kit… $503.96
40L UVPoxy Kit… $923.96
362kg (341.3L) UVPOxy Drum Set… $6,823.96

Epoxy Coatings for Artists & Craftspeople

UVPoxy is a professional quality, high-performance epoxy system that’s UV stable and produces a high build crystal clear finish. It is an ideal solution for woodworkers, artists, and craftspeople, and is perfect for coating, bonding, and more.

Developed for commercial-grade applications, UVPoxy resists yellowing, fading, and cracking. This epoxy is extremely durable, capable of withstanding heavy use in high-traffic venues including night clubs, bars, and restaurants. UVPoxy is self-leveling, and can easily be built up in 1/4” layers to any desired thickness.

Used to Create:

  • Wall art
  • Wood crafted pieces
  • Colorful coatings
  • Smooth counter tops
  • Jewelry
  • Embedded mementos
  • See through encapsulation

UVPoxy will produce a high-build, crystal-clear, durable finish that resists yellowing, fading, and cracking over time.

Perfect for Thins Pours. With a max thickness of ¼” thick, UVPoxy is perfect for use as a coating on artwork, counters, or wood creations. 

Goodbye Cracking and Fading. UVPoxy provides an extremely durable finish, and is specially formulated to resist yellowing caused by sunlight and other ultraviolet light sources. 

Ideal for Art and Display Pieces. Because of its crystal clear, high gloss finish, UVPoxy allows artists to create pieces that look beautiful on display. The self-leveling formula is easy to work with and offers excellent color stability. 

Other Features:

  • Touch water resistant finish
  • Scratch resilient and maintenance free
  • Maintains integrity over sharp edges
  • Eliminates craters, crawling, and fish eye
  • Will not brush or sweat under high humidity

UVPoxy Product Information

Mix Ratio

1:1 by volume

Working Temperature

21-27ºC (70-80ºF)

Working Time

20 minutes depending on ambient temperature

Cure Time

48 hours depending on ambient temperature, humidity and thickness

Set to touch:

4-8 hours

Clean Up

Denatured alcohol

Maximum Recommended Pour Depth