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We want you to have a table that fulfills your dreams, down to the size, type of wood, shape, finish, and height. It is our privilege to put our world-class skills, experience, tools, and materials to work for you and your home.

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Custom Tables

Table configuration and dimensions are exclusively at your choice with over 100 slabs to choose from.

Local Wood

Using sustainably sourced wood from the Atlanta Metro Area (Red Cedar, Black Walnut, Maple Ambrosia, and Pecan).

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Pick up or delivery available.

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Decide what size.

Are you creating a table? Bench? Desk? Decide what size your project is! Size will influence pricing as well as which slabs are available to you


Choose your wood.

We have hundreds of locally sourced slabs to choose from in several different species of wood! You can come pick exactly which slabs you’d like to use at our warehouse or we can send you photos of options.


Pick your epoxy color.

We can fill the knots and cracks in your wood with colorful (or clear!) epoxy. Choose one or more colors as a subtle accent or create a larger river or lake for a real WOW factor.


Help pour your epoxy.

Be part of the process! If you’d like to help pour your own table and tell your friends, “I helped make that!” just let us know and we’ll let you borrow an apron.


Choose your legs.

Wood, steel, hairpin, pedestal, farmhouse style? We have lots of different options for the base of your table or other furniture piece. From coffee tables to bars to benches, we’ve got you covered!.


Enjoy your new furniture.

We’ll sand, finish, and assemble your table. You can pick it up or have it delivered, then sit back, relax, and enjoy your new work of art!



The opinion of each customer is important to us, you help us to improve ourselves.

About Us

Tables are a center piece of home. People meet there, gather around it, use it for daily business as well as for holidays. We want you to have a table that meets your dreams: in size, type of wood, shape, finish, height. To meet that, we will put all our experience, skills, tools and materials to work for you!

Using sustainably sourced wood from the Atlanta Metro Area we create beautiful, functional furniture. Although tables for your home or office are our signature products, we also make shelves, benches, counter tops, vanities and more. You will mainly find Red Cedar, Black Walnut, Maple Ambrosia and Pecan Wood in our shop. Whenever we find some abandoned piles of wood in someone’s backyard we ask if it’s for sale. You can imagine our stock varies quite a bit.

Live Edge

Live Edge Furniture preserves the inherent beauty of the wood. It’s unique lines are natural and the table brings a breath of fresh air into an unvaried environment. A Live Edge Table is a means of coming together and collaborating on a shared project, it is activating and stimulating. You will never get bored looking at it, and it is a source of inspiration.

Rather than unifying the wood to one stringent appearance, we work with the natural knots, holes and edges. You can add additional visual interest, by choosing to incorporate more colors, for example from your corporate logo.

Why choose us?

Other Table Makers
Furniture Stores
200+ Tables/Year
May not specialize
Wood Selection
300+ Slabs
Dedicated Sales Team
30+ on display
3rd party
Lead Time
6 Weeks, Updates Every Week
3+ Months
Large Projects
Conference Tables ATL Highrises,
Downtown ATL Bars
River Tables
Official Dealers,
River Tables made weekly
Limited/No Experience
50% Down
50% On Approval
100% Down
Mid-Project Changes
Happy to do so


Using sustainably sourced wood from the Atlanta Metro Area we create beautiful, functional furniture.


Handcrafted furniture from Metro Atlanta wood.


Every piece is unique as we make everything custom order to fit your needs.

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Our team of experts love to talk about live edge designs and we can’t wait to hear from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's your lead time?

    Tables that are in stock ship usually within 24 hours. Custom projects start in a few days, depending on the complexity.

    Once shipped, your order can take 2-6 days to arrive. To prepare a custom shelf or mantle is usually a 3-day job. Preparing a custom table takes a few weeks.

  • Return Policy

    I received a different size/finish than I ordered. We messed up! It DOES happen. We will replace your order with the correct one, as soon as we finish apologizing. We may ask you to send us the incorrect order back, at no charge to you.

  • Limited Warranty

    All furniture must be used for its intended use only. All furniture is sold “as is”, no warranty is given whatsoever. All item returns must first obtain written approval from us.

    WE DO NOT cover any damages which result for example from neglect, abuse, acts of nature or natural material changes, damage or wear to any mechanical parts, insect damage, normal wear and tear, exposure to extremes in temperatures or humidity, size variation movement do to humidity, water damage, fading or discoloration in finish, scratches, blemishes or color variations in wood, unauthorized repairs, alterations or breakage of items.

    It is your responsibility to check the condition of the pieces before every use, just as you have to check on the tires of your car before you use it. If you are unsure if, for example, a bench will be sturdy enough for a certain person or certain persons, do not let the person(s) sit on the bench. It might break and result in damage to persons and property. We do not cover any of the damage whatsoever.

    Our pieces are built by hand with natural material and cannot guarantee any piece sold to look or be exactly like or a specific photo.


    Our wood furniture is solid wood that comes from trees that have been in natures elements for decades, even centuries. The wood is full of inherent character, blemishes, holes (that may or may not be filled) small cracks, worm holes, and insect valleys which are not considered defects but unique to each piece that gives our furniture warm character. There are no two pieces that are ever exactly alike which makes them a one of a kind piece built especially for you. Thanks for helping the environment and enjoy your hand-crafted piece of history.

  • Shipping

    We do ship, please contact via email for details:

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