Set Your Business Apart with a Unique Conference Table


Can a custom live-edge table improve the profitability of your business?

We love custom tables for what they are, beautiful works of art that reflect a personal affinity for craftsmanship, local artistry, and warmth.

But have you considered these reasons for ordering a custom conference table for your business?

A custom-made conference table for your business or organization, made for you by Atlanta-Tables, can improve the profitability of your business. Here’s how.

In business, the subtle queues can help the business leaders bolster their core leadership messages of quality, striving for excellence, and uniqueness of the company in a crowded marketplace.

When employees, partners, and customers visit and meet with your company’s principals, they are willing to listen to what you say.

View our gallery of custom conference tables for ideas.


Stakeholders will remember your custom conference table.

Why not say what you’ve got to tell from the head of a magnificent, unique, custom live-edge conference table?

Employees will be proud to work at a company that values things like a comfortable and impressive office. They’ll stay longer at a company that shares exceptional creature comforts. In addition, lower employee turnover improves profitability.

Your salespeople will love to bring clients to the headquarters and pitch company products at your gorgeous custom conference table. Your table will serve as an additional ‘silent’ salesperson. You can make more sales when you seat potential clients at your one-of-a-kind custom conference table.

Even potential business partners will be impressed with your custom conference table. Your company may strike more partnership agreements due to how your live-edge wood conference table makes them feel about you and your organization.

Contact us to discuss details. We offer locally-sourced woods, custom engraving (like your logo!), and different finishes, including epoxy resin fills. In addition, you can select many other attributes that embody your organization. Our local craftsmen and craftswomen will make your table build a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Your employees, partners, prospective clients, and current customers will all share an appreciation for your custom conference table. Your custom conference table will make your company stand out and contribute to a healthy bottom line.

View our gallery of custom conference tables for ideas.

Reach out today. You’ll be surprised how competitively priced a custom conference table solution is. You don’t have to be ordinary when excellence is within reach and even profitable!